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We offer gravestones carved out of genuine Westerly Granite.

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Stone Design

Cemetery Lettering

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We understand that mourning your loved one and trying to plan the funeral and purchase the burial plot and gravestone is a difficult and upsetting process.

Stone Design Westerly | Comolli Granite Inc. - Stone Design

Our stone monument headstones come with rough bases so that you don’t have to worry about lawn mowers or weed-eaters damaging or..

Cemetery Lettering Westerly | Comolli Granite Inc. - Cemetery Lettering

We offer custom lettering for all gravestones. We have a wide variety of fonts available to choose from. We can even create custom banners..

We don’t bill you till the work is done.

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Honor your loved one’s memory with a custom monument. We offer custom monuments carved exclusively out of Westerly Granite. Westerly Granite is durable and easy to clean and restore, which means you’ll have a beautiful headstone each and every time you purchase from us.

Stone Design

We offer a wide variety of stone designs and colors. We sell red, grey, dark grey and black in your choice of single or double inscriptions. We can also create the stone shape of your choice, including square, wavy and heart-shaped.

Cemetery Lettering

Custom lettering and inscriptions are essential for turning a standard headstone into a personalized work of art that all of your family members can enjoy. We offer antique and modern lettering designs with shadowing or banners.

Westerly Granite

Historically, Westerly Granite was mined in Westerly, Rhode Island. Today, it’s mined in Connecticut. Westerly Granite is a very finely grained granite. It is typically light grey or pink in color. We offer black, grey, dark grey and pink.

Repairs And Cleaning

Have you recently visited the grave of your loved one and found the headstone in disrepair or the letters worn? We can clean and repair headstones and restore lettering. Just give us a call. We’d be happy to take a look at your headstone and provide a repair quote.

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